FitState is, in essence, a family business founded in 2012. We are sisters, now mid-lifers, who share the same passions for health, fitness and overall well-being brought on by our own life-experiences.  We are hugely committed to supporting, helping and inspiring women to achieve their own optimal life balance through a combination of mood-boosting exercise, great nutrition and of course enjoying the pleasurable things in life – relaxing and socialising…

Zoe Baker
Zoe BakerCo-founder - Winchester
I’m a mum of 2, and passionate believer in leading a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle in order to enjoy life to the full and have the energy to keep up with today’s demands of work and family life. We founded FitState in 2012 because we wanted to help and share with women that it is possible to juggle busy lives whilst maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle through making the right food choices to managing time to fit in exercise and meditation.


I’m a big LOVER of food, so you can join me in the journey to discover tasty, nutritious meals that keep you feeling fully satisfied. I love triathlons and enjoy the challenge of training different disciplines and the positive effect it has one the body. I’m a lover and believer of ‘variety being the spice of life’ so love to mix up my fitness for body and mind. From endurance cycling, HIIT, Strength training, boxing. You name it, I love it!! I also like the occasional FAST and how this can benefit the body, mind and training.


I am a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer & Advanced Fitness Instructor, Level 3 qualified Nutrition & Weight Management, Nutrition for Sport & Exercise, Level 3 GP Exercise Referral, Boxercise Instructor, SPINNING instructor and a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. MHFA – Mental Health First Aider, I am adding to my skills all the time and currently digging deeper into studying Nutrition Therapy and 3rd Age Woman.

Viki Potter
Viki PotterCo-Founder - Wimbledon
Having worked in advertising for 17yrs longing to change career for something I would feel passionate about, it was actually being diagnosed with Lymphoma that changed my life in more ways than one.

I was told to hold back on the exercise, but I joined a new gym and also ensured I exercised in the great outdoors every day, it kept me sane! I felt exhilarated, empowered, and it definitely kept me going both physically and emotionally.

I left the desk job and am now a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer & Advanced Fitness Instructor and a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. With specialism’s in Pre & Post Natal, Core-Strength & Stability, Circuit training & Padwork for PTs. I am currently adding to my skills and studying level 3 Nutrition & Weight Management, GP Exercise Referral & Jenny Burrell – 3rd Age Woman.

I want to share my passion and belief in the health benefits of regular exercise and adopting a healthy lifestyle to reduce risk of illness, obesity, depression and stress, now so commonly associated with today’s busy lives.

At forty ‘something’, and being a busy working mum I am now healthier, happier and fitter than I have ever been, I want to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals through a motivational, inspirational, realistic fitness and nutritional approach through either group or personal training.

Emma McCaffrey
Emma McCaffreyCo-Founder - Winchester
I returned to my home town of Winchester in 2016 after over 15 years based in London, having worked within the Sport and Media industry and on high profile events and campaigns. When it came to returning to work after having my two daughters the thought of a daily commute to London and not being around for the girls made me rethink my priorities and work life balance.

Keeping fit has always been important to me and when I joined Zoe’s box fit class back in April I fell in love with boxing, boot camps and most importantly her. It was then I decided to make it my job and I have had the opportunity to join full-time

Exercise has been my salvation during difficult times and in moments of ill mental health and it has allowed me to immerse my mind and body and ‘change my state’ leaving my worries and workload behind, even if just for an hour.

We are all shapes and sizes, different ages and from different walks of life with different pressures and stresses but get us to a class and we’re one crew who support, motivate and most importantly make each other laugh.

I love that post-exercise feeling you get and my aim in life is to thrive rather than survive.


Level 2 Group exercise to music, Boxercise and Kids Boxercise Instructor (completed by beginning of March), a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals and First Aider and Mental Health First Aider.

Becky Tyers
Becky TyersCORE Mechanics
Becky is a specialist in injury rehabilitation. She uses her biomedical knowledge and sports experience to rehabilitate clients, help prepare for sports events, and improve balance and stability in posture and movement.
Becky has a Biomedical Science degree from Sheffield University where she specialised in anatomy and physiology. She then worked in pharmaceutical pain management with rheumatologists and pain specialists.
Becky is passionate about treating the whole body to target the root of a problem rather than focussing on the perceived area of pain. She is a Body Arts Science International (BASI) pilates instructor which she uses to isolate and re-signal parts of the body to ensure muscles work to their full potential.
Claire Foss
Claire FossPartner - FOSS Nutrition
Claire Foss is FOSS Nutrition
She is a registered Nutritional Therapist with a passion for health and well being, believing that the route to good health is through great nutrition and lifestyle choices.
Food is our fuel and our lifestyle is our environment. What we eat affects how we think, feel and perform. By making small changes, evidence-based nutrition can be used to support long-term mental health and physical health.