Saltwater Sauna Experience

At FitState we understand the demands of today’s busy lives, our methodology is to help you and your families achieve a well-balanced, fitter, healthier lifestyle by incorporating regular exercise and healthy eating into your everyday lives.

This is why we created a very special experience to bring people together to unwind, talk, sauna and swim (optional). A truly immersive experience that will leave with you feeling amazing.

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‘I have been exercising for a long time and had felt de-motivated of late. A friend introduced me to FitState classes and their approach, enthusiasm and the pace made me fall in love with exercise all over again.  I was specially keen on toning my abs and arms and I felt the difference after just two classes. My muscles feel powerful again and I don’t dread going!’

Emma E

My first Boxercise & Bootcamp sessions ever. I found the classes energetic & fun, Viki & Zoe are very motivating and keep you pushing through those exercises. Feeling the benefits already! Thank you!

Kelly J

FitState’s Boxercise and Bootcamp classes are a absolutely fantastic! Hard work, yes, but the physical challenge is offset by the friendly atmosphere and positive energy Viki & Zoe exude. Highly recommended!

Tracey P
“Strength does not come from a physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will” Ghandi