At FitState we understand the demands of today’s busy lives, our methodology is to help you and your families achieve a well-balanced, fitter, healthier lifestyle by incorporating regular exercise and healthy eating into your everyday lives. This can easily be achieved and maintained by making small realistic adjustments to your daily routine. We offer the motivation, inspiration and expert knowledge to equip you to make these changes.

Whether you would prefer a more personalised approach through Personal Training to be done whenever, wherever suits you or through attending regular group classes we are here to help you make life-changing improvements to your lifestyle.

‘I have been exercising for a long time and had felt de-motivated of late. A friend introduced me to FitState classes and their approach, enthusiasm and the pace made me fall in love with exercise all over again.  I was specially keen on toning my abs and arms and I felt the difference after just two classes. My muscles feel powerful again and I don’t dread going!’

Emma E

My first Boxercise & Bootcamp sessions ever. I found the classes energetic & fun, Viki & Zoe are very motivating and keep you pushing through those exercises. Feeling the benefits already! Thank you!

Kelly J

FitState’s Boxercise and Bootcamp classes are a absolutely fantastic! Hard work, yes, but the physical challenge is offset by the friendly atmosphere and positive energy Viki & Zoe exude. Highly recommended!

Tracey P
“Strength does not come from a physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will” Ghandi