“Since working out once a week on a 1 to 1 basis with Zoe all aspects of my health and body have improved. I have dropped almost 2 dress sizes, become toned, feel so much better in what I wear and best of all get complimented on how I look now! Zoe helps me monitor what I eat, but not in a controlling way, and provides me with a tailored program of other exercises to do on the other days. I now feel determined to continue my step change and really enjoy our sessions, which are full on but we still have a good laugh. If you are too shy to workout in a group or like me want a focused program PT is ideal, and can be fitted around your availability. 10/10”

Rachel, recruitment director and mum
"Zoe is the best personal trainer! Her 30 minute sessions are a great workout and fit in well with a busy life. Since I have been training with Zoe I have felt fitter, healthier and slimmer. Her enthusiasm for health and fitness really is infectious"


Claire, project manager and mum
“I have been training with Fitstate for 9 months in their group sessions and find them good fun yet very challenging. Viki and Zoe have an infectious enthusiasm and are very motivating. I like the fact that people of all fitness levels are able to work out alongside each other but at the intensity that suits them. The exercises are varied each week, which makes the sessions really interesting. I have learned new skills such as boxing and trx core exercise which have had a huge impact on how I exercise”.

“I have also been personal training with Viki since September 2013. I had never had PT before and only exercised in a gym or a large group, but work and family commitments meant that exercise was becoming harder to fit in to my schedule. I immediately  felt at ease and she helped me to set realistic goals and to understand what motivates me.  Viki is very approachable and our sessions are enjoyable despite being really challenging! She increases the intensity of my workouts when she sees that I can achieve more and I find that really motivating. I have take home exercises to complete during the week and so our pt does not seem like a one hour stand alone activity but part of an ongoing fitness lifestyle. Viki plans my sessions weekly and always e-mails to ask whether I have any injuries or specific areas that I wish to work on/ avoid. This approach has been very successful. I have lost weight, toned up and sleep better. I look forward to Monday mornings and feel energised after each session”.


Anne, teacher and mum
I had been going to the gym for a while, doing the same thing. I felt like I needed to try something new so I did a few taster sessions with FitState doing the total body fit sessions in the park. Well, it was the first time I had ever worked out in the park. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I felt extremely challenged and exhausted at the end of the class. After a few taster sessions I realised that this change in my fitness routine was just what I needed to help me achieve my goals so I signed up for 12 more sessions! Then I took the plunge and booked PT sessions to complement my new fitness routine. It's the best decision I've ever made. Viki is a superb personal trainer. She pushes me and encourages to do more each week and I can feel the difference, I'm now able to run round the park without feeling like I'm going to collapse. Also I can do my normal fitness routine with ease. Viki is filled with enthusiasm and energy which really helps especially on days when you don't feel like it doing anything. I highly recommend FitState if you're looking for something new, fun and motivating!

Patricia, marketing consultant and mum
I have been attending FitState’s classes with Viki for the past year now and I can honestly say it is the best decision I have made regarding achieving my fitness goals.  The classes are designed to engage all your muscle groups so that you get a total body workout at every class!  Viki is a fantastic motivator and somehow gets you doing exercises that you never thought you could do.  You come out of the class feeling fitter and so proud of what she has enabled you to achieve that you just want to keep going – even in the rain!  I feel I am in the best shape I have ever been.

Highly recommended if you want to get fit and stay fit!

Susan, hr administrator and mum
"Having not done any exercise in years, I never thought I'd stick this out. But Zoe is a great motivator especially on those wet rainy days! I now go to her half hour training sessions 3 times a week and love it. These shorter sessions fit in with my working life perfectly and she really pushes you to try and make the most of the exercises in that time. You can tell that she has a genuine love for staying fit and healthy, not only in exercise, but also nutrition and it's impossible for this not to rub off on you. I also find that I eat better since starting her classes and feel more energised. I would recommend her classes to anyone of all abilities, she's brilliant".

 Nathalie, Picture Publicist and mum of 2

“Zoe is a talented trainer whose enthusiasm is infectious. She is diligent in pushing you to always try harder and achieve your goals - her classes are enormous fun but also deliver results.”



Jane Fletcher, Head of Press & PR

“I started PT with Viki a year ago and am still going strong, I enjoy my sessions immensely, they are always challenging but great fun and I always walk away feeling a million dollars.  Not only that but I’ve achieved two of my fitness goals thanks to her brilliant programmes, a 5 and 10k run. A year ago I couldn’t even run to the bottom of the road!  It’s also great to train outdoors, after years of going to the gym and not really seeing the rewards this is the best thing I’ve done – no more gym memberships for me!”

Laura, hr manager and mum of 3


“I initially only wanted a few pt sessions to get me in shape for a summer holiday but soon realised the hugely motivational and challenging benefits of being pushed by a trainer, Viki was fantastic at getting me to go that extra mile, something I had never done in the gym. She also advised me on my diet which was a real eye-opener and helped me make a few changes to get rid of a few extra pounds! I’m still having regular pt as I can fit it conveniently around my life and it keeps me motivated. I always have fun at my sessions, so it never feels like a chore!”

Helen, interior designer