Zumba Kids

We are currently running very popular Zumba Kids after, before and lunchtime school clubs for children at schools in Wimbledon.  If you are interesting in starting up a club at your school please get in touch at to discuss your needs further.

FitState are firm believers that incorporating fitness and healthy eating from a young age gets you off to a good start in life and when maintained into teenage and adult years sees illness and obesity reduced greatly, as medically proven.

To maintain a basic level of health – children and young people aged 5-18 need to:

  • do at least *60 minutes of physical activity everyday, which should be a mixture of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking, playing in playground, skating and bike riding and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, such as running, football or playing chase and IT!
  •  It is also important for children to do activities to improve muscle strength – body weight or resistance exercise, such as sit-ups, swinging on playground bars, gymnastics, wheel barrow races and tug of war.


We also realise in this day and age how busy everyone’s lives are, especially when juggling work and family life!

We also plan to start a  Saturday morning Bootcamp for children & adults, allowing families to enjoy exercising alongside each other and solving the logistical problems of trying to be in 3 places at a time!   Our proposed time is 9.30 – 10.30am in Wimbledon Park.  Watch this page for further updates on starting dates.

Class Structure:

  • The class would be split into two groups, one for ages 6-12 ‘FitKids’ and the other for 13yrs plus & adult, it would be run by 2 instructors to ensure that each group are challenged and motivated appropriately


  • Children can attend the FitKids bootcamp even if a parent isn’t participating in the adult bootcamp


Please contact us if you and/or your children would be potentially interested in coming to a Saturday morning Bootcamp, this way we can gauge interest and perhaps start something up as soon as possible. You can email us at or call on 07922 835 427 to express your interest.



(*NHS 2012 recommended exercise guidelines for children age 5-18)